Friday, February 6, 2015

5 out of 5 Stars to Finding Your Element by Sir Ken Robinson

Everybody needs to read this book. Why? Because there are people who are: doing things they actually aren't good at, pushing through the daily grind without any passion for what they do, or regretting at the end of their lives that they should have done what they truly loved. As a teacher, I believe this can be prevented in future generations by educators who are willing to push the envelope with their students, colleagues and community.

Utilizing one's talents and passions for something bigger than yourself will certainly transform your life; there's no doubt about that. In order to discover those, you need to examine yourself deeper and in ways never done before. With Sir Ken Robinson's Finding Your Element, you can do just that. Every chapter has stories, exercises and questions that will make you see the bigger picture of your life as well as the details concerning your past experiences, current situations and future opportunities.

The main focus of your Element is that it benefit the world we live in and that it be done by you. No one else. Why? There's only one you with your heart and your mind. Therefore, unearth your Element(s).

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